Tow-Master ASC

Introducing the Tow-Master ASC All Steel Trailer Tire - the ultimate choice for heavy-duty trailers! Crafted with an all-steel construction, this tire is a true powerhouse, embodying strength and longevity that outperforms the competition.

Specifically designed to complement the might of today's high-performance tow vehicles, it guarantees a stable and smooth ride, even when hauling your heaviest loads. Whether you're towing a large travel trailer, a boat, a toy hauler, or even a horse trailer, the Tow-Master ASC is built to handle it all with ease.

Upgrade to the Tow-Master ASC All Steel Trailer Tire and unleash the full potential of your towing experience. This tire is a testament to our commitment to delivering performance, durability, and style. With its unbeatable strength, impressive longevity, and unrivaled ability to deliver a stable and smooth ride, you shouldn't settle for less when you can have the best.

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Load RangeLRF
Tread Depth 32nds12
Overall Diameter28.3 in.
Section Width8.8 in.
Rim Width6 J
Weight46.2 lbs.
Load Index121/117 M
Load Capacity3195/2835