Commandant ATX

The Kanati Commandant is not just a tire; it's a game-changer. It combines our expertise in heavy-duty applications with the demands of today's larger and more powerful trucks and SUVs. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, the Commandant is equipped with an aggressive all-terrain tread that provides excellent traction and handling on the highway and off-road. With a high load capacity, you can feel confident carrying heavier loads without compromising performance. In addition, its 3-ply sidewall guarantees superior puncture and impact resistance, providing ultimate protection and sidewall stability. Designed to cater to driver's daily commuting needs as well, the Kanati Commandant offers a quiet and smooth driving experience on the street. Upgrade your truck or SUV today and experience the performance, durability, and style that only the Commandant can deliver.
  • 12-Ply Rated Construction
  • Engineered for Heavy-Duty Trucks & Large SUV
  • Excellent Traction on Multiple Terrains
  • Quiet and Smooth Running
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Ply Rating12PR/LRF
Tread Depth 32 in.18
Overall Diameter31.9 in.
Section Width9.2 on 6.5
Rim Width Range6 - 7.5
Weight 52.64 lbs.
Load Index123/120
Speed Rating Q
Max Load 3415/3085 lbs.