Terra Commander RTX

The Terra Commander RTX is the perfect companion for drivers who want a tire that can comfortably cruise the open highway and navigate light off-road conditions. The tread design of the Terra Commander features closely placed lugs that allow for greater contact on the road for a smooth ride and less road noise. Stone ejectors between the lugs help remove stubborn rocks and other debris, while the siped lugs provide extra flex and grip when adventuring off the beaten path. Combined with its broad shoulders and aggressive sidewall, the RTX gives your vehicle a rugged off-road look that others will envy.
  • Optimized Void Ratio for a Comfortable Low-Noise Ride
  • 3-Ply Sidewalls for Added Strength and Stability
  • Mud & Snow Rated
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Ply Rating10PR/LRE
Tread Depth 32 in.16.1
Overall Diameter31.7 in.
Section Width8.9
Rim Width Range6-(6.5)-7.5
Weight 47.2 lbs.
Load Index120/117
Speed Rating Q
Max Load 3085/2835 lbs.